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HSJ Level program works…

  • HSJ Level 1 - Member of HSJ and Introductory Judge.
  • HSJ Level 2 - A HSJ Judge who has received five (5) positive evaluations from horse show managers.
  • HSJ Level 3 - A HSJ Judge who has received ten (10) positive evaluations and attended an approved HSJ Seminar.
  • HSJ Level 4 - A HSJ Judge who has received twenty (20) positive evaluations, attended an HSJ approved Seminar, and apprenticed with an HSJ approved Judge and/or holds a professional judges card with an approved breed association.
  • HSJ Level 5 - A HSJ Judge who has received twenty (20) positive evaluations, participated in an HSJ approved Seminar, and is listed as a HSJ Instructor. was created with the goal of connecting horse show judges with show managers.

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Our Story and Mission

Created and managed by professional horse show judges David J. Denniston and Tim Jedra, who bring many years of horse show experience to the site, is the “one stop shop” for all things related to horse show judges.

Our goal is to make the process more efficient where we connect excellent horse show judges with horse show managers. We’re changing the way horse show judges are hired and making it easier for horse show managers. re-creates the way horse show judges are hired by making it easier and more efficient for horse show managers to find and hire their next judge.

The site allows managers to browse horse show judge profiles as well as advertise available jobs by simply posting the show dates and terms, then allowing judges to respond, eliminating countless hours of calling, emailing and negotiating. is the ONLY universal Horse Show Judge List and a great source of continuing education for judges of all levels. Whether you’re a professional judge, a show manager, an open horse show judge, a 4-H or FFA horse show judge, an aspiring judge, or someone looking for a judge as a clinician, is for you!

How it Works

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Membership benefits

Want to become a horse show judge but don’t know where to start? Not ready to attend one of the professional association horse show judges seminar but really want to learn and start judging horse shows in your area? is for you.

  • Create a custom profile
  • Find or list your next judging job
  • Access to videos and other resources
  • Discounts on HSJ Seminars
  • And much, much more!
Premium judge membership is $25.00 per 6 months and Premium Plus judge membership is $40.00 per 6 months.
Due to popular request, all memberships are automatically renewed after 6 months.
Judge seeker membership is FREE.
  • Testimonial

    Horse Show Judges is a wonderful service for judges and show managers. What a great idea! I will be spending the word about it this year! Registration was simple and the site is user friendly. Thank you for the services you provide horse show judges and managers!

    Sandy Campbell Jirkovsky
    J/S Training
    Professional Horse Trainer, Judge

  • Testimonial

    Horse Show Judges website made it easy to connect with judges without making a ton of calls and emails. It was so easy to post my shows. I had several responses and was able to hire several judges for our shows.

    Carmen Lay

  • Testimonial

    What an amazing educational opportunity for anyone wanting move forward with judging or just increase knowledge. HSJ creates a success-oriented atmosphere that is unprecedented. In addition to the awesome network of new friends, I left the experience more knowledgeable and confident in my judging. I will be attending again and I urge anyone remotely interested to make HSJ Judges Seminar and Horse Show experience their first choice!

    Lisa Laplace

  • HSJ Seminars

    Attend one of our HSJ Seminars and become a HSJ certified judge!
    Save 10% as a HSJ judge member.

  • Horse Show Patterns is quickly becoming the STANDARD for Horse Show Patterns and is your source for all Horse Show Patterns. Whether you are a judge, a contestant, or a show manager, you will find this site useful for all of your Horse Show Pattern needs.
  • HSJ Level Program

    Learn more about the HSJ Level Program for Judges and work toward becoming a Level 5 HSJ Judge.