HSJ Seminars

Attend a HSJ Seminar to kick start your horse show judge career, learn new skillsets, and become a HSJ Certified Judge! HorseShowJudges.com is the standard for certifying judges and we want to offer you every resource available to become a great judge.

As a HSJ Certified Judge you will gain access to many resources including recommendations, continuing education videos, and for our highest certified judges, the opportunity to become a horse show judge instructor.

Interested in hosting
a HSJ seminar in your area?

HorseShowJudges.com Judges Seminars are comprehensive, educational seminars taught by professionals in an inviting and inclusive environment. Organizers have the option to pick and choose the classes they wish to be taught from a menu of options.
All seminars are 2 – 2 ½ days in length and are HorseShowJudges.com approved.

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Want to become a horse show judge but don’t know where to start? Not ready to attend one of the professional association horse show judges seminar but really want to learn and start judging horse shows in your area?

HorseShowJudges.com is for you.

  • Create a custom profile
  • Find or list your next judging job
  • Access to videos and other resources
  • Discounts on HSJ Seminars
  • And much, much more!
Premium judge membership is $25.00 per 6 months and Premium Plus judge membership is $40.00 per 6 months.
Due to popular request, all memberships are automatically renewed after 6 months.
Judge seeker membership is FREE.