HSJ Seminar Request

Thank you for your interest in hosting an approved HorseShowJudges.com Judges Seminar in your area. Before completing the request, please review the below requirements and contact us directly with any questions – we are happy to help.

Seminar Responsibilities

For Host:
  • Classroom availability (with sound capability preferred).
  • LCD projector if available (HSJ can provide if necessary).
  • Seating for all participants in classroom.
  • A screen to project slides and videos.
  • Make arrangements and cover cost of lunch for each seminar day (great opportunity for sponsorship).
  • Help market and advertise the event to potential local/regional participants must be a guaranteed a minimum of 25 seminar participants by the pre-registration deadline to move the program forward.
  • Hotel rooms (2-3 rooms for 3 nights) for seminarians in area close to venue (great opportunity for sponsorship). If hosting a 2 ½ day seminar, there may be the need for hotel rooms for a 4th night.
  • No honorarium for HSJ seminarians required.
For HorseShowJudges.com:
  • Provide all seminar teaching and educational materials including but not limited to: teaching slides, handouts, laptops for teaching, etc.
  • Prepare and present all educational material.
  • Provide professional and knowledgeable HorseShowJudges.com approved instructors. Host may make requests for instructors and we will do the best we can to accommodate. All instructors will be familiar with HorseShowJudges.com teaching methods and procedures and will be approved by HorseShowJudges.com.
  • List the approved seminar and HorseShowJudges.com and provide online registration and handle questions regarding the program.
  • All registrations will be processed through HorseShowJudges.com and HorseShowJudes.com will retain 100% of registration fees for professional services. Registrations will be $150 per day ($300 maximum) for all seminar experiences unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Handle and pay for all travel arrangements for seminarians.
  • Provide an optional judging test at the end of the seminar to include video judging, questions on classes, and a rulebook test.

Request a seminar in my area

Note: Once you complete the below request, you will receive an automatic confirmation from HorseShowJudges.com that your request has been received (this only indicates that your request has been received not that the seminar has been approved). HorseShowJudges.com will review your request and be in touch with you shortly. Not all requests can be met, we will do the best we can to bring a professional HorseShowJudges.com judges seminar to your area.

We suggest all requests be made at least 90 days before any suggested dates to host a seminar to allow for adequate advertising and participation.
Request up to 3 dates.